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Chase Fowler-  chase@procheeraustin.com 

NEWS Thank you ALL

Dear PrimeTime Cheer Family,

This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made.  After much consideration and sleepless nights, I decided it is time to step aside and have sold PrimeTime Cheer gym.

I am beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to coach and mentor hundreds of athletes over the past 14.5 years.  We have achieved countless successes while overcoming numerous adversities.  Our mission has always been more than teaching cheerleading and tumbling.  More importantly we strived to instill life lessons such as commitment, teamwork, accountability, persistence, hard work and a never give up attitude.  These life lessons will take you far.  The joy of being part of so many young lives and watching them blossom into successful young adults is priceless.

I am grateful for the lifelong friendships I have developed with your families and my staff.  We must stay connected.  I look forward to running into you out in the community.  Give me a call if you ever want to go for an ice cream or a cup of coffee.

The PrimeTime journey is not yet complete.  Our Black Angels have some business to take care of.  Let’s go to Summit, leave it all on the mat and most of all have some fun.

The new owner is Pro Cheer.  They have some amazing coaches who will bring high energy, enthusiasm and excitement.  I’m certain you will love them.  I know they have what is needed to grow the program into something special.

I praise God for this most amazing experience with each and every one of you. 

God Bless you all,

Cindy Allison

I will be in the gym for the next 3 months, while you get to know the amazing people from ProCheer


Dear PTC Families

My name is Chase Fowler. I am the Owner of ProCheer Austin and as you all know we have taken over the operations at Primetime cheer. This time can seem very stressful for many of us but id like to make this transition as easy as possible for everyone! First id love to meet you all face to face as soon as possible and i hope that over the next week as I am in and out of the gym I will be able to meet you! Second I am an open book for any and all questions as I'm sure you all have plenty of them :) Third please feel free to email me, text me or call me at any time you wish and i will be sure to get back with you as soon as i can!! Fourth our Tryouts are coming up on May 7th from 3:30-5:30pm. If you are interested and have questions or would like to pre register please email chase@Procheeraustin.com. If you pre register for tryouts your $15 tryout fee will be waived. Due to high interest we are also looking into adding a tryout on May 21st from 3:30-5:50pm as well. Information on this tryout will come out soon and I will also be updating our website (procheeraustin.com) over the next week to help with you having as much information as possible Thank you all for your time i look forward to meeting each and everyone of you very soon!!

Chase T Fowler

(512) 937-7615 (Call or text) Chase@procheeraustin.com

2017-2018 Season

Hello New Athletes

Are you ready for the new up coming season? We are building our 2017-2018 teams.

Check out placement information online. Stress free tryouts. No crazy try out fees.

Come be apart of something special. Where your not just a number.

You may call and schedule a private try-out or we have open try-outs April 29th

Lets fly to great things together

Stop in Open Gym or drop in on a class. Meet the family

Call for any questions or concerns 512 619 0442 

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